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Evo XS 2 and Perception 2 Groove, from Luneau Technology, are two new Briot products. Evo XS 2 combines tracer, blocking and edging in one platform. Perception 2 Groove is an entry-level edger.

Luneau Technology


Eyeris announced the creation of trial lens packaging made from its own recycled contact lens molds. Eyeris’ goal is to utilize what would typically be a throw-away trial lens mold and recycle the plastic for reuse as multiuse packaging, according to the company.



PreserVision AREDS 2 Formula minigel eye vitamins, from Bausch + Lomb, will replace the currently offered PreserVision AREDS 2 Formula soft gels. The minigel is an easier-to-swallow option and contains the nutrient formula recommended by the NEI for people who have moderate to advanced AMD.

Bausch + Lomb


ScanFitPRO, from EyePrint Prosthetics, is scleral lens fitting software that employs the company’s designer algorithm to create a lens in 3D space. The practitioner has the ability to customize the fit of the lens, using Elevation Specific Technology. The software uses Pentacam’s Corneal Scleral Profile for scleral mapping precision.

EyePrint Prosthetics


AmblyoPlay is a home-based vision therapy software solution for children and adults with amblyopia, mild strabismus or convergence insufficiency. The program is available via Windows and Mac computers, Android tablets and iPads. It stimulates the eye muscles through two 15-minute sessions per day. Multiple subscription options are available.



The Oasis Tears Vision Dietary Supplement and the Omega 3 Dietary Supplement are ocular nutritional supplements. The former contains maqui berry, astaxanthin, zeaxanthin, lutein and DHA in a small soft gel. The latter contains 3,000 mg DHA and EPA in three softgel serving size.

Oasis Tears


NetVue, from Optovue, is a cloud-based image management software that allows images to be viewed anytime, from any device, directly from any web browser, no application needed.



Bausch + Lomb announced the U.S. launch of expanded parameters for Biotrue Oneday daily disposable contact lenses. The expansion will add six new parameters (–9.50D, –10.00D, –10.50D, –11.00D, –11.50D, and –12.00D), bringing the total offering to +6.00D to –12.00D.

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