Innovate and Advocate

Peter Menziuso is president, North America Vision Care, Johnson & Johnson Vision. In this exclusive interview, he answers our questions about everything from advocacy and innovation to technology and the patient experience.

Optometric Management (OM): How has your background prepared you for your current position?

Peter Menziuso (PM): My entire career has been with Johnson & Johnson. Whether I was on the diabetes side, the pharmaceutical side and, now, the vision care side of the business, it’s always been about the doctor-patient care relationship.

OM: Why is advocating for that relationship so important?

PM: Everything we do begins with patient eye health. It’s incredibly important that we support regular visits to eye doctors. Plus, we recognize that when a patient is in that rhythm of an annual eye exam, their eyes remain healthier, they have a better experience with their lenses, and they have greater awareness of and access to newer technology.

OM: Where does technology come into play?

PM: Our job is to ensure we’re driving the most innovative technologies for eye care providers, so that they can make the best therapeutic choices for each patient, and that every day we put the health of that patient first. We recognize that the business will follow if we do that.

OM: Tell us about some of your new innovations.

PM: We’re going to continue to launch new technologies that deliver on unmet needs — like the Acuvue Oasys with Transitions light-adaptive contact lenses we’re bringing to market.

We’re also going to continue to think about contact lenses beyond just refraction and go into more transformational uses. . . like contact lenses that enable the delivery of medication. We’re also working on smart technologies and how they could help somebody with presbyopic needs, for example.

OM: What role can you play in creating an exceptional experience?

PM: We realize advocacy and product are crucial, but we also must make sure that experience remains paramount. One example of that. . . launched in February 2018 for doctors. It’s a one-stop, in-office tool that has educational resources, helpful information and more.

OM: What about patient safety and the role of the doctor?

PM: We have a core focus of advocating for the patient-doctor relationship. In combination with groups and associations, one of our core tenets is to be a vocal voice in ensuring there is a competitive environment, while making sure that environment is safe for both doctors and patients.

We need optometrists to know that their voice matters to legislators and regulators. They absolutely should be thinking about how they can get involved.

OM: Is that where advocacy comes in?

PM: Yes, we continue to be active in The Healthcare Alliance for Patient Safety, along with the other charter member, the AOA, and we’re working on tools and resources that support what we call Vision to Action. . . including its Facebook page and website. . . to help doctors drive core messages at the state, local and federal levels. We also have our Advocacy Academy to help doctors learn how to make their voices matter.

OM: What are the latest challenges in the marketplace?

PM: The environment is changing fast. We want to make sure that all the innovations coming in are playing by the rules and that the doctor remains at the center of care. OM