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According to The Vision Council’s VisionWatch Eyewear Study, more than 98% of sunglass units are being purchased outside of your offices.

REMIND your patients you carry sunwear options on your social media. To do so: Download the above image. Accompany it with text that provides 1. Information about your sunwear and 2. A call to action. For example: “Did you know our office carries sunglasses from some of your favorite brands? Stop in to speak with an optician, and get your glasses ordered today!

Facebook Live

→ Live videos can also be used on Instagram!

Beware the Ides of March

NOT TO BE TOO SHAKESPEARIAN, but the bard can have a point for allergy sufferers! As Wednesday, March 20, is the first day of Spring, consider a Facebook Live on ocular allergy. This can bring awareness to your patients of services that you provide to give them relief.

STEP 1: Set the time and date.

STEP 2: Download the Facebook Live graphic, left. Attach it to you a post with all the details — who, what and when the Live will take place — within the text. Post it several times ahead of the Live.

For content, there are a few options to consider: 1. Develop a 2- to 3-minute script that answers many of the common questions about ocular allergy. 2. Solicit questions from your patients, and provide the answers during the Live.

Your script may look like this: “Good morning, everyone! As you know, March 20 marks the official beginning of Spring, great news for those of us looking for some warmer temperatures. Unfortunately, our allergy sufferers out there often don’t need a calendar reminder of the beginning of the season. If you experience itchy, red, watery eyes around this time of year, we can help. Call the office to set up your appointment.”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

INTERACT with your patients on this popular holiday, taking place on March 17. This opportunity for engagement offers benefits. Take it a step further and, perhaps, bring it back to your optical offerings. For example, the accompanying image with text such as, “Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all our shamrock-loving patients! As champions of your ocular health, may we offer a tip? Stick with your prescription glasses and sunglasses, and save the four-leaf clovers for other accessories during your celebrations.”

Hashtags in March

→ Use hashtags to connect online with those who share a common interest.

International Women’s Day, March 8

On #InternationalWomensDay We celebrate the female leaders within our office. (Include a picture of female staff.)

#MarchMadness, March 19

Use the NCAA basketball tournament hashtag as an opportunity to educate your patients on your basketball-related offerings, such as sport goggles and sports vision services. Prevent Blindness offers statistics and assets on its website:

#AprilFools, April 1

Consider staging a prank photo to post on your social media. Examples: an exam chair with a whoopie cushion on it; a member of your staff dressed as a mime; or caution tape blocking your office door. Just don’t forget to include the hashtag!

All corresponding images are available to download and use for free.