LEADING OFF: Inaugural Myopia Meeting Offers Management Tips

The Myopia Meeting, held in Washington, D.C. on Feb. 10, to a sold-out crowd, tackled managing the refractive disease via education from experts. Some examples of practical tips provided:

  • Use marketing to overcome hurdles to treatment. Gary Gerber, O.D., co-founder of Treehouse Eyes, a practice dedicated exclusively to myopia management with two locations, advised optometrists make themselves the authority on myopia. Do so through education and practice, but also portray that authority image in their marketing to overcome the hurdles to treatment — including the fact that myopia is not commonly discussed in other health care settings — faced by moms, the caregiver most likely to make health care decisions in the U.S.
  • Wean patients off atropine. Jeffrey Cooper, O.D., F.A.A.O., suggested reducing the concentration, specifically for those on a high-concentration dosage, when the time comes to take them off in order to manage potential rebound effects.

Speaker Thomas Aller, O.D., F.B.C.L.A, says: “It is clear that the standard of care is evolving rapidly and with the authoritative white papers coming soon and the efforts of myopia organizations, this is the best time to incorporate myopia management.” Papers will be open access via International Myopia Institute. OM