LEADING OFF: Office-Based Procedures Group Announced

Due to a spate of optometric scope-of-practice legislative advances over the years and, thus, an increase in demand for training in office-based surgical and ophthalmic laser procedures, The Optometric Procedures Institute (OPI) ( ), a non-profit organization, was recently launched, explains Richard Castillo, O.D., D.O., the organization’s executive director, professor and assistant dean for surgical training and education at Northeastern State University’s Oklahoma College of Optometry.

“Our expertise is in optometric procedural training. We’re not here to provide political leadership in terms of the direction the profession is going or to push for a specific curriculum within the schools and colleges of optometry,” he explains. “Optometry has organizations that we trust to manage those affairs. This organization is a forum for, ‘how do I approach a particular case, in terms of management, technique and instrumentation.’”

The website provides members with educational documents and videos, but primarily information on where to attend live OPI-endorsed meetings, workshops and related events where members can interact with the experts. In fact, visit the website, and you’ll find options to select an event calendar, membership sign up ($25 a year for students and residents, $200 a year for others), donations, about us (see other members) and contact us. The Optometric Procedures Institute’s motto: “Exceeding expectations in training and outcomes.”

As we go to press, the organization has close to 200 members throughout the United States and the Caribbean, including student chapters at schools in Oklahoma and Kentucky. They have held meetings and workshops in Charlotte, N.C., and San Antonio. The group also was expected to represent at SECO 2019 last month. OM