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Xephilio OCT-A1, from Canon Inc., is indicated for the in-vivo imaging and measurement of the retina, retinal nerve fiber layer and optic disc. With scanning laser ophthalmoscope real-time retinal tracking technology, the system can retain the scan position and protocol for each patient from one exam to the next. A mouse-controlled, three-click operation is used to engage the automated alignment, tracking and acquisition of images and scans.



Cirrus 6000, from Zeiss, is an OCT with a 100kHz system, capturing 100,000 A-scans per second. Scans are 270% faster than prior Cirrus generations, 43% faster than the Cirrus 5000 AngioPlex, and OCT cube scans can be acquired in as little as 0.4 seconds. The OCT can accept raw patient data from previous Cirrus versions.



EyeKinetix, from Konan Medical, is a pupillograph featuring RAPDx objective, an automated test to show relative afferent pupillary defects quickly. EyeKinetix includes the company’s proprietary, precision color and luminance calibration system on a tablet/PC and a trial of ColorDx CCT HD, a color vision diagnostic test.

Konan Medical


The patented Eye Eco eyecloud Home Treatment Kit helps alleviate symptoms associated with dry eye, naturally. Eyecloud provides controlled moist heat, between 102° to 110°, to the lids and surrounding skin for up to 20 minutes and also allows for optional cold treatments. The kit includes goggles, four reusable gel packs (for 600 moist heat treatments), two reusable bead packs (for cold treatments) and 100 cotton liners.

Eye Eco


Unity BioSync contact lenses, from VSP Optics, are daily disposable spherical contact lenses made from a proprietary combination of silicone hydrogel material and polymer coating, exclusive to the line, VSP says. The lens is made with HydraMist, a moisture-retaining polymer co-developed with Tangible Science, has a base curve of 8.8 mm, a diameter of 14.1 mm and power ranges include +8.00D to -10.00D.

VSP Optics


Johnson & Johnson Vision’s Acuvue RevitaLens Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution (MPDS), provides peroxide quality disinfection, but with the simplicity, comfort and convenience of an advanced multipurpose solution, the company says. Acuvue RevitaLens MPDS is now available at major retailers nationwide.

Johnson & Johnson


Allergan has added siblings to its OTC drop Refresh-brand portfolio: Refresh Relieva, Refresh Lieva PF multidose and Refresh Relieva For Contacts.

CooperVision announced plans to expand the parameters of its clariti 1 day toric by adding additional axes, some of which will be available in December and the rest in spring 2020.

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