LEADING OFF: CEO Challenge: Implement a Strong Cell Phone Policy

My challenge for you this month: Stop cell phone use during work hours.


Most offices I’ve worked with have a cell phone policy. Yet, many of these same offices have employees who frequently use their phones for personal use during work hours. For many, it’s an addiction: A quick peek to check a text leads to the employee responding to the text and thinking, “Hey, since I’m on my phone anyway, let’s see what’s happening on Facebook!”

Where willpower fails, it’s often better to change the environment vs. attempting to change the person.


Here are items to consider in a new cell phone-use policy*:

  1. Prohibit personal calls and texts during work hours.
  2. Calls and texts are to be made and received on the employee’s lunch or break period. (See No. 4.)
  3. Emergency calls and calls from loved ones who depend on the employee can be made to the general office number, and the call will be put through.
  4. Require employees to turn off and store their cell phones during work hours. (Designate a safe area, such as an employee locker, to safely store phones.)

* It’s advisable to have an attorney review all policies prior to implementation. OM