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Collaborative Therapies

A combination effort may be necessary for treating lid irritation

The “Therapeutic Focus” column presents an optometrist’s firsthand experiences, via answers to questions posed by OM, with a new therapy.

Please describe the Bruder Hygienic Eyelid Cleanser Combo Pack.

The combo pack brings two key lid hygiene pieces together in one package: Patients receive the Bruder Hygienic Eyelid Wipes for mechanically removing oil and debris and the Bruder Hygienic Eyelid Solution that acts against bacteria. Each can provide relief from symptoms associated with lid irritation alone, but in combination could give greater relief to the patient. Another benefit is that it is conveniently packaged together for ease of use and improved compliance.

For whom is the combo pack beneficial and for whom is it not appropriate?

Lid hygiene is important for everyone, especially dry eye and blepharitis sufferers, contact lens wearers and those preparing for ocular surgery. The combo pack is useful for patients who have mild lid irritation/inflammation and blepharitis. The products are also gentle enough for daily use as part of a physician-recommended lid hygiene regimen for a broad range of patients.

Patients who have a known allergy to any of the product’s ingredients would not be appropriate candidates for use.

What results can an O.D. expect?

In my experience, patients tend to stay with the product because they feel positive, quick results, such as a decrease in lid inflammation, and find the mild, non-offensive formulations to be a simple addition to their personal hygiene regimen.

What benefits does the product provide to your practice?

Convenience. It’s easier to provide a combo pack for two reasons: 1. The clinical benefits of using the wipe and hypochlorous acid solution in conjunction, and 2. the packaged combo unit makes inventorying the product easier for shelf space.

How do you educate patients on the combo pack?

First, I educate patients on the condition they have and the need to treat it. Understanding the “why” is essential to patient compliance when it comes to a specific treatment recommendation. Then, I explain that, for their convenience, we offer a lid hygiene package that provides products that can contribute to ocular wellness and recommend they return for a follow-up appointment in four to six weeks to assess their possible progress. I let my patients know the products are gentle. Additionally, I inform them the lid wipe should be used followed by the hygienic solution, which is applied to a closed eye.

Describe staff involvement in the communication of the product.

Patients who have chronic lid hygiene issues will need to be counseled on the nature of lid issues and on the need to continue the prescribed therapy, in spite of symptom improvements. Staff members are excellent at reinforcing that message.

How do you dispense the product?

My staff dispenses it in office, accompanied by appropriate education — both verbal and a supplemental handout.

What, if any, follow-up procedure do you have?

Typically, I have patients return in four to six weeks, so I can evaluate their progress, but also to reinforce that improvement is good — but not a reason to discontinue use. I tell them lid hygiene is a fundamental part of maintaining good eye health. OM