O.D. to O.D.


In the book The Infinite Game, author Simon Sinek compares two types of games (or mindsets): the infinite and the finite. Finite games, such as chess or basketball, have known players, rules and an endpoint, whereas in infinite games, the players and rules change, and there is no fixed endpoint (think business or politics). Leaders who embrace the infinite mindset build stronger, more innovative, more inspiring organizations, according to Mr. Sinek. People trust these leaders who have the resilience to thrive in an ever-changing world while their competitors struggle. These leaders, are the ones who bring the rest of us into the future. A compelling set of statements for sure.


The five steps to achieve the infinite mindset are:

  1. Advance a just cause.
  2. Build trusting teams.
  3. Study your worthy rivals.
  4. Prepare for existential flexibility
  5. Demonstrate the courage to lead.

“Just cause” is essentially “a purpose,” which we discussed last month. It is something your entire team believes in and wants to work toward. It makes them happy to work as a team to achieve. Without a written purpose, I found it was difficult to stay on track — and easy to get discouraged. Once we came up with our purpose and posted it for our team and our patients to participate in, life changed.

Here is our written purpose:

At Advanced Eyecare Specialists we are committed to providing our patients with the ultimate in eye care. Combining advanced technology with a spirit of compassion and respect, we aim to render the highest quality of service and satisfaction to our patients, thereby superbly enhancing their quality of life.

Eye care is our profession, but enhancing quality of life is our purpose. It is a job never completed, but a wonderful reason to go to work And it is such a joy to celebrate in the moments when we see it happen firsthand.

Once we defined our purpose, we then had to determine the actual steps to take to live that purpose every day. We continue to improve our processes, working toward creating a business that lives our purpose, not only today, but long term. As leaders, it is up to us to inspire our team and our patients. We do that by creating value every day.


I have had the honor of working with the PentaVision team on a series of upcoming events where we will spend a day with you and your teams walking through ways to increase value for your patients and build strong, innovative and inspiring organizations. We brainstormed a theme for these events and landed on one that we feel tells the story best: “2020 and Beyond.” Each team will leave these events with actual steps to move forward with their purpose. These will be great team-building events where attendees will receive access to our website, which provides staff training modules for each topic area discussed. We will also provide customizable templates for the tools and forms presented.

I am so excited about spending time with you in 2020. Please consider signing up for one of our events, at optometricman and bringing your team. I look forward to seeing you. OM


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