LEADING OFF: CEO Challenge: Lead a Daily Huddle With Your Team

My challenge for you this month: Start having a daily huddle with your staff.


I’ve been tasked with creating a lot of content for offices preparing to reopen, and during this process it has become clear that no matter how much a practice did to prepare, there would still be unanticipated issues that arise. It’s impossible to be prepared for every scenario that will present. Communication within any organization is always critical, but there is a heightened level of importance as practices reopen to a lot of unknowns. Meet daily to communicate.


  • Review safety protocols. Is there anything you need to do different?
  • Discuss office operations, which have likely been altered.
  • Discuss any patient complaints or concerns.
  • Discuss unforeseen circumstances, like patients who refuse to wear a mask.
  • Review training issues, as employees are returning to many new tasks and responsibilities.
  • Ask your staff, “What could we do better?”

Work with your team to talk through issues and come up with solutions. In an unpredictable environment, your reopen plans will need to be constantly updated. OM