LEADING OFF: CE Course on Myopia Offered

Dr. Jasper

Dr. Bullimore

Dr. Epstein

Optometric Management Education (OME) recently presented the live two-hour CE course “Mythbusters: Myopia Edition,” which provided attendees with a dynamic understanding of the current landscape for myopia care. The course, presented by OME faculty members April Jasper, O.D., F.A.A.O., and Mark A. Bullimore, MCOptom, Ph.D., F.A.A.O., offered insights into myopia, including:

  • the current research related to myopia progression and management.
  • practical steps on how optometrists can be proactive in helping patients who have myopia, and their parents.
  • assumptions about myopia management compared with what the current research reveals.
    Sponsored by Luxottica and Paragon Vision Sciences, “Mythbusters: Myopia Edition” was presented in New York City and Springfield, Ill. Upcoming courses in this OME series include:
Dr. Art Epstein Teaches “Dry Eye and Ocular Surface Disease” on March 21, Tampa, Fla.; April 4, San Jose, Calif.; 2020 and Beyond on March 20, Oahu, Hawaii; April 17, Washington, D.C.; May 17, Seattle; Apr. 14, Columbus, Ohio; Sept. 11, Pittsburgh; Nov. 20, Sacramento, Calif.

OME, which specializes in producing clinical and practice management educational events, is a joint venture between PentaVision LLC, publisher of Optometric Management, and Distinctive Strategies and Leadership, LLC. For more information, visit https://www.optometricmanage . OM

Update: As a result of the Coronavirus outbreak nationally, some regionally events have been postponed. Details about this decision and information about the rescheduled events can be found here, which is a page that is updated regularly.