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CooperVision’s Biofinity toric multifocal contact lenses have been granted approval by the FDA. The lenses combine the designs of the Biofinity toric and multifocal lenses. The company plans to make the lenses available to US ECPs later in 2020.



Vario Digital FHD Advanced foldable desktop video magnifier, from Eschenbach Optik, features a 15.6-inch full HD monitor with an optical digital zoom that magnifies 1.3x to 45x. Included is an external remote, an HDMI-in port (allowing for distance viewing through an optional external camera), line scrolling on live images and a mirror mode.



Tangible Boost, from Tangible Science, is an at-home conditioning treatment designed to repair wear on Tangible Hydra-PEG coated lenses. The polymers in the formula build on polymers on the coated lens at a microscopic level, filling in gaps from wear and restoring the thickness of the coating. The company expects it to be available in the third quarter of 2020 through eye care practitioners as a prescription-only product.

Tangible Science


Arch Crown has released its Op-Tag & Label catalog. Its 40 pages feature hundreds of stock styles, pre- and custom-printed Op-Tags and labels with full-line bar code line technology.

Arch Crown


Transitions has announced the launch of Transitions Signature GEN 8 in four new colors — amber, amethyst, emerald and sapphire — and XTRActive Po-larized lenses. The GEN 8 lenses offer faster light activation and fadeback than the previous Signature VII. The XTRActive lenses, designed with light-sensitive wearers in mind, reduce glare, provide sharp color, a larger field of view and darken in the car.



Topology Eyewear is a new brand of eyewear produced from measurements acquired from a virtual try-on application, utilizing an iPad. The Topology app allows patients to virtually try on frames and gathers 3D-position-of-wear measurements needed for the creation of lenses and frames.

Topology Eyewear


OVITZ xwave, from Ovitz Inc., is an aberrometer device powered by proprietary machine learning and an AI software platform. It aids eye care professionals in creating a wavefront-guided contact lens and neutralizing higher-order aberrations of the entire visual system.

Ovitz Inc.


Eaglet Eye announced two new features for its Eye Surface Profiler. The ESP allows quick and easy determination of whether a spherical, toric, quad or full custom scleral lens is needed, speeding up the fitting process. The second feature allows practitioners to enter an over-refraction for better interaction with their lab of choice.

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