Eyecare During the Coronavirus Pandemic: Survival Steps

As business owners, we have an incredible amount of responsibility at this time. Responsibility to our patients, our staffs, our businesses and ourselves.

Here are the key steps I’m taking to stay ahead, so my practice can survive:

Watching the news and keeping up-to-date on legislation and state rulings. This is literally changing sometimes by the hour. I know it can be draining to have the news on all the time, but periodic check-ins allow us to keep a pulse on what is happening across the nation and in our regions, so we can make informed patient care and business decisions. Secondly, we owe it to our staff to keep up on the relief and loan packages available to our businesses and employees. My goal is to keep them paid by whatever means that employs.

Critically evaluating my expenses and spending. I’m looking into what bills are a priority to pay and which ones could possibly be deferred. I highly recommend we call our vendors and negotiate or, allow our doctor alliance to do this leg work for us and stay ahead on which will benefit us the most. My goal is to use my savings in my practice as long as I can, but to be prepared for having to utilize SBA loans or lines of credit, if needed. 

Continually communicating with my staff. They deserve to know what's going on, as much of the economic relief and/or unemployment changes are foreign to so many of them (including us). However, I think it’s our responsibility to help them navigate these systems, so they can support themselves and their families. I'm letting them know we are here for them for the long-run, and our team will come together once again. 
— Gina M. Wesley, O.D., F.A.A.O., editorial board member

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