Eyecare During the Coronavirus Pandemic: Tell Patients How They Can Help

At Park Slope Eye in New York City, we are in a high-risk area of the COVD-19 pandemic. As such, we closed our offices on March 15 to do our part to flatten the curve and self-isolate. During this time, we were still available to our patients via email and phone, which we informed them of via social media, and have implemented telemedicine exam options.
While patients and consumers wait anxiously at home to get back to normal, they are looking for things to do to help, such contributing to funds for non-essential employees, like servers and bartenders, currently out of work, and supporting local businesses.
One way we found to reach out to our patients and provide them with a method for supporting our local business is to discuss FSAs. Specifically, we sent out an email reminding patients they may face a deadline for spending their FSA funds on March 31, as well as reminding them of ways they could spend these funds at our local business, through an e-commerce platform already in place with direct shipping options.
Our email said: “Your FSA plan may have a grace period that ends on March 31! Double check and, if so, use it to stock up on essentials. Please consider using it towards your contact lenses and glasses. Your support is greatly needed and very much appreciated. Please do note that we are offering to extend most expired Rx's so a critical supply of contacts or glasses can be ordered. Dr. Bazan is also doing telemed exams. We will get through this! Stay home. Slow the spread. Save lives.”
Communicate with your patients, provide them with ways to act at a time when they can feel helpless, and stay healthy.
— Justin Bazan, O.D., editorial board member

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