O.D. Notebook: Coronavirus: Prevention Tips for O.D.s

By Jennifer Kirby, senior editor
            As we go to press, the deadly coronavirus has infected five individuals in the United States (two in California and one a piece in Arizona, Washington and Illinois), with 73 cases pending. What can optometrists do to protect against the condition, which masquerades as a common cold that develops into lower-respiratory tract infections, such as bronchitis and pneumonia?
            “Any time you're dealing with a patient with a potentially infectious virus, doctors of optometry and other health care providers should make sure they have a clear understanding of the proper protocols to prevent the spread of infection,” says AOA President Barbara L. Horn, O.D. “Vigilance and just using good hygiene — thorough handwashing, using gloves, disinfecting equipment and other recommendations, provided by the CDC — in the office when in contact with bodily fluids, such as tears, will go a long way toward preventing infection. It is important to proactively reinforce such infection mitigation techniques with doctors and staff, no matter the size of the office setting.”
            In addition to handwashing (see, the CDC also urges avoiding the touching of one’s eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands and close contact with those who are ill.
            Of note: Paul Kellam, a professor of Virus Genomics at Imperial College London, told the Daily Mail that he suggests health care workers wear eye protection, in addition to face masks, as it isn’t uncommon for the flu, among other viruses, to be transmitted to the eye via droplets that come from a sneeze, for example.
            Dr. Horn adds that she encourages all doctors to be aware of potential coronavirus activity in their community or region and that if they live in any of the areas currently affected, they can minimize the risk of exposure by encouraging patients to stay home if they have symptoms of cold, flu or respiratory infections.      
            The Coronavirus originated from Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, with, thus far, 4,500 reported cases and 106-related deaths in mainland China. 
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  • Tangible Science announced that Tangible Boost, an at-home conditioning treatment designed to repair wear on Tangible Hydra-PEG coated lenses, is expected to be available in the third quarter of 2020 through eye care practitioners as a prescription-only product.The polymers in the formula build upon polymers on the coated lens at a microscopic level, filling in gaps from wear and restoring the thickness of the coating, according to the company.
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