O.D. Notebook: Develop a DED Clinic Using a Specific Protocol

Practice Tip: One way to develop a dry eye disease (DED) clinic is to develop a specific protocol: “I strongly suggest that the first step [in the protocol] be the initiation of a DED survey for every patient presenting for a comprehensive eye exam. SPEED, OSD and DEQ-5 are all reasonable choices (Find questionnaires at ),” writes Damon Dierker, O.D., F.A.A.O., in “How to Create a DED Clinic.” For additions to this protocol and more tips, visit
  • The Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry has announced its support of a nationwide pause on advertising on Facebook and Instagram, at least through this month, to encourage Facebook and Instagram (both owned by Facebook) to change its monitoring policies and procedures to stop postings that incite hate, bigotry, racism, antisemitism and violence. For more information on the Stop Hate for Profit movement, visit
Company News:
  • Alcon has announced that SYSTANE HYDRATION PF is now available. The new formulation combines the core SYSTANE technology (PG demulcent and inactive HP-guar) with a combination of both hydroxypropyl-guar (HPguar) and sodium hyaluronate (HA) polymers into a single preservative-free formulation. In related news, the company surveyed 1,005 adults, age 18 + about their use of screen time during the COVID-19 pandemic. Results show nearly 80% of Americans have increased this time; three out of five (60%) of those who have increased this time are concerned about the impact it will have on their eyes; and among those with increased screen time, nearly half (45%) reported their eyes feel dry as a result of it.
  • Aviceda Therapeutics, a pharmaceutical company that has a disruptive technology focused on harnessing glycoimmunology, is working on AVD-104 to target various immune system responses that contribute to pathology associated specifically with dry AMD. 
  •  CooperVision and the National Optometric Association have announced the 2020 recipients of the Future Contact Lens Leader Scholarship awards: Christina Huynh, Kentucky College of Optometry; Jessica Olson Livermont, Northeastern State University Oklahoma College of Optometry; and Richard Wan, The Ohio State University College of Optometry. All three were awarded $1,000 scholarships for their membership in the National Optometric Student Association, their academic standing and their demonstration of contact lens leadership, based on their application essay and faculty recommendations. 
  • CooperVision has extended its Essential Hospital Workers Program to August 31, 2020. The program is designed for eye care professionals who would like to offer complimentary lenses to their patients who are essential hospital workers in their communities. Visit
  •  Essilor of America’s Essilor Experts, the company’s flagship partnership program, will be enriched through a new Essilor Preferred Rewards (EPR) points program that increases points based on which brands are prescribed, giving eyecare practitioners (ECPs) the financial flexibility to recommend the Essilor brands they believe are best for their patients. Additionally, the company is introducing a new tier of the program called Essilor Partners, giving ECPs the flexibility to use partner brands, such as  KODAK and Shamir, in addition to Essilor premium brands, Varilux, Crizal and Transitions, and supporting growth through training, in-office tools and an Essilor Partners-specific dashboard. Essilor Partners are also eligible for the new EPR points program. The EPR rewards program takes effect on Sept. 1. For additional information on the EPR point program, please contact your local Essilor account executive. 
  •  The Essilor Vision Foundation and Relevate Health Group, a healthcare marketing company, have announced they are expanding their partnership to help underserved children in the U.S. receive vision exams and glasses through Relevate educating independent eye care professionals about the See Kids Soar program and enrolling them in it. See Kids Soar is an in-office donation campaign intended to educate parents, patients, and eye doctors’ staff about the cause of vision. The program raises awareness and funds to provide vision exams and eyeglasses to children in need at no cost to their families. Visit to learn more.
  • Today, July 22, MacuHealth’s patented carotenoid formulation, commercialized as MacuHealth with Micro-Micelle Technology, is available. It is an upgrade to the company’s 10-10-2 formulation of lutein, zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin, as it provides the carotenoids in their free form (Original MacuHealth) and then enhances their stability and solubility by the addition of acetates. The result is an increase in the capture of carotenoids by our gathering cells, an improvement in absorption and bioavailability and an ultimate increase in carotenoid concentrations at the target tissue, the company says.
  • Mojo Vision and the Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired have announced a joint webinar that explores how augmented reality could benefit those who have vision impairment. The webinar, occurring tomorrow, July 23, is called  “Augmented Reality: A Brighter Future for the Visually Impaired,” and it will feature expert opinions from technologists and eye care professionals. Visit
  • National Vision Holdings has announced it has entered into an amendment to its existing Management & Services Agreement (MSA) with Walmart Inc., as of July 17th, 2020, that extends the current term and economics of the MSA by three years to February 23, 2024. National Vision currently operates 231 Vision Centers inside select Walmart locations. As part of this amendment, the MSA will automatically renew for an additional three-year term, unless either party provides notice within seven months of the end of the initial term. In other news, National Vision Holdings has recognized three members of the National Optometric Student Association with $7,000 in grants: first-place ($4,000 Prize): Kierra Washington, Salus University, Class of 2021; second place ($2,000 Prize): Pratima Gautam, New England College of Optometry, Class of 2022; and third place ($1,000 Prize): Curtis Burnley, Southern College of Optometry, Class of 2020. The winners were selected based on their responses to an essay prompt that focused on “putting passion into practice.” 
  • Tarsus Pharmaceuticals, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, has announced the appointment of Sesha Neervannan as chief operating officer, and Leo Greenstein as chief financial officer. Mr. Neervannan was a senior vice president of Global Pharmaceutical Development at Allergan, and Mr. Greenstein was senior vice president of Finance & Corporate Controller at Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Recently, Tarsus Pharmaceuticals announced positive results from its Phase 2a (Mars) and Phase 2b (Jupiter) studies for TP-03, its topical ophthalmic drug for Demodex.  
Meeting News:
  • The Global Myopia Symposium (GMS)*,originally scheduled for Jan. 2021 in conjunction with the Global Specialty Contact Lens Symposium (GSLS), will now be held virtually Sept. 25 andSept. 26, 2020.This inaugural meeting will offer unique opportunities for attendees to better understand the myopia epidemic and how to address it, will provide eighthours of COPE-approved CEcreditsand will enable attendees to engage with companies providing related products and technology.The GMS program committee members Drs. Kate Gifford, Lyndon Jones, Jason Nichols, Shalu Pal and Jeff Walline have developed a top-notch program covering myopia management principles, treatments, and practice building. Speakers will include Mark Bullimore, MCOptom, Ph.D.; Sheila Morrison, O.D., M.S.; Celia Gong, O.D., M.S.; Karen Molina, O.D.; Gary Gerber, O.D.; Elise Kramer, O.D.; Edgar Davila-Garcia, O.D.; Paul Gifford, Ph.D., MCOptom; Anita Gulmiri, O.D.; Fuensanta Vera-Diaz, Ph.D., O.D.; Jessica Haynes, O.D.; Karen Walsh, BSc(Hons), PGDip, MCOptom; Jason Compton, O.D.; and Alan Glazier, OD.The full agenda can be viewed here, and registration will be available shortly via email announcements and on the Global Myopia SymposiumContact Lens SpectrumOptometric Management and Eyecare Business websites. * GMS is operated by PentaVision Media, published of Optometric Managementmagazine. 
  • Prevent Blindness held its 9thannual Focus on Eye Health National Summit, though, this year, virtually. The Summit was comprised of five sessions, which can be viewed at In other news, Dr. Mitchell V. Brinks, M.D., co-director International Ophthalmology, medical director for Domestic Outreach, and assistant professor of Ophthalmology at the Casey Eye Institute at Oregon Health & Science University, and Michelle Skinner, chief network officer of VSP Global, have been elected to the Prevent Blindness Board of Directors. 
  • The Vision Council’s, a recently launched digital platform designed to help eyecare providers navigate the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on their businesses, has introduced two new website capabilities to further customize the user experience and maximize the functionality of the website: (1) a pop-up questionnaire, allowing eyecare providers to personalize their website experience; and (2) an expanded search function on the homepage.  
  • The University of Pikeville Kentucky College of Optometry, the only school of optometry in Kentucky, has received accreditation by the Accreditation Council on Optometric Education, according to the Appalachian News-Express.• SUNY College of Optometryhas taken immediate steps to address racial and social disparities on campus and in the optometric profession with the formation of the President’s Task Force on Race and Equity (TFRE), the school says. Made up of a 12-member team of faculty, students and staff,  the TFRE is charged with evaluating current efforts to advance diversity and inclusion and identifying areas for improvement, while opening up the conversation about race, ethnicity, and bias throughout the College community. One goal of the Task Force: to expand academic and co-curricular programs covering issues of race, health care disparities, and communication. For more information about diversity and inclusion at SUNY College of Optometry, visit
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