O.D. Notebook: Facilitate Patient Understanding With Analogies

Practice Tip: To facilitate patient understanding of dry eye disease (DED), employ analogies using easily recognizable items. An example: DED-caused blurry vision as Saran wrap: “Seeing through a clear cornea is like looking through a fresh sheet of taut Saran wrap. You can see through it without obstruction. But the more the eye dries out, the harder it is to see through. This is the case if you were to wrinkle the Saran wrap. If untreated, you can develop severe dry eye, which is like Saran wrap crumpled up in a ball: You can’t see through it.” For additional analogies, visit Kristin O’Brien’s “New O.D.” column at
Company News:   
  •  CooperVision will be presenting its Brilliant Futures Myopia Management Program, featuring its MiSight 1 day contact lenses, within the Focus on Eye Health National Summit’s virtual exhibit hall today. The 9th annual Focus on Eye Health National Summit, presented by Prevent Blindness, is free to attend via
  • EyeScholar is a new website that contains interactive tutorials on the process of refracting and retinoscopy. Additionally, the website provides explanations, illustrations and animations to educate students on the underlying theory and optics behind these procedures and interactive simulators that allow students to practice refraction and retinoscopy on virtual patients. Visit
  • Horizon Therapeutics plc and Prevent Blindness have partnered to launch an initiative in support of Graves’ Disease Awareness Month. The initiative encourages people living with Graves’ disease to recognize the symptoms of a separate, but related disease called Thyroid Eye Disease (TED). Up to half of people with Graves’ disease will develop TED, which is a serious, progressive and vision-threatening rare autoimmune disease that causes painful symptoms, such as eye bulging, double vision and facial disfigurement. The initiative features a memory device that uses the word “focus” to help people take steps to recognize and manage TED. Visit
  • Ocutrx Vision Technologies, LLC,has announced plans to deliver AR headsets specific for medical applications that provide connectivity from AT&T and use 5G products from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. For example, the company is building its AR/XR headset, the Oculenz (indications for AMD, remote telemedicine, low vision and amblyopia), for patient use. To learn more about Ocutrx, visit   
  • Osmotica Pharmaceuticals, an integrated biopharmaceutical company, has announced the FDA has approved Upneeq (oxymetazoline hydrochloride ophthalmic solution), 0.1%, for acquired blepharoptosis, or ptosis. Osmotica says it plans to make Upneeq commercially available in August to a select group of ophthalmologists and optometrists through an early experience program.
  • TearLab Corporation has announced its acquisition by Accelmed Partners II (AP-II), a U.S.-based private equity firm focused on investments in commercial stage HealthTech companies. As a newly formed private company, TearLab is now positioned to pursue further development of its next-generation Discovery platform and seek targeted acquisition opportunities.
  • Transitions Optical now offers a virtual try-on of all seven Transitions Signature GEN 8 lens colors and downloadable photos in all stages of tint, via Additionally, while using the virtual try-on, users can search for an eyecare professional near them by clicking “Find Your Transitions.” 
Meeting News
  • The winner of the 29thannual AOSA Optometry Student Bowl, powered by Essilorand broadcast virtually this year from the Essilor headquarters in Dallas, Texas, is the University of Houston College of Optometry. The school was awarded $1,000, a host of diagnostic lenses from Volk and will house the Ventura Cup until next year’s Bowl. For more information and to see some of the excitement from this year’s AOSA Optometry Student Bowl, visit or In other news, the Essilor Vision Foundation (EVF) has announced it is partnering with FoxFire Systems Group to facilitate charitable donations to EVF’s See Kids Soar program. With FoxFire’s technology, eye doctors have a turnkey program to promote the cause of vision and enable patients to help change a child’s life. Visit learn more.
  • The Vision Council and Reed Exhibitions, organizers of Vision Expo, have announced that Vision Expo West 2020, scheduled to occur in Las Vegas from Sept. 23 to Sept. 26, will be cancelled, due to Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak’s announcement, on Monday, June 26, that Nevada “will remain in Phase 2 of reopening plans through the end of July due to current trends of the coronavirus infection.” Attendees and exhibitors who had registered to participate in Vision Expo West 2020 will receive separate, personalized communications in the coming days from the Vision Expo team.
  • The Glaucoma Research Foundation (GRF) survey, “National COVID-19 Impact Survey,” supported by Aerie Pharmaceuticals, shows about one-third of glaucoma patients were not confident that their disease was well-managed during the initial months of the pandemic (36% “somewhat confident” or “not confident”), and this confidence level was most affected by appointment status. Additionally, close to two-thirds of respondents said they are comfortable returning to their eye doctors’ offices (63% “somewhat comfortable” or “extremely comfortable”), assuming the use of face masks and less crowded waiting rooms are implemented. 
  • UC Davis Eye Center study, in collaboration with France’s INSERM Stem Cell and Brain Research Institute, reveals that EnChroma glasses, which contain spectral notch filters, enhance color vision in those who have anomalous trichromacy. The study, called “Adaptive Changes in Color Vision from Long-Term Filter Usage in Anomalous but Not Normal Trichromacy” is published in June’s Current Biology.
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