April 2020 Social Media Toolkit

April's tips and tricks ready to use on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

APRIL IS WOMEN’S EYE HEALTH AND SAFETY MONTH, according to Prevent Blindness. The nonprofit provides five images that can highlight eye care challenges for women. Download them at preventblindness.org/infographics-archive . Utilize them in conjunction with facts about female eye health and the need for annual comprehensive exams. Be sure to provide your contact information.

Another way to observe Women's Eye Health month is for your female staffers to discuss, perhaps in a brief video, their eye health issues and/or a specific eye health issues facing women, such as dry eye disease.

April is also sports eye safety month, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Consider using images of pick-up games, via stock images or gifs from popular movies, such as "Sandlot" to both provide nostalgia that your audience may be craving and to raise awareness of ocular injuries on your social media accounts. Provide information about the services you offer, specifically emergent eye care, as children and adults playing at home may run into these things during times of social distancing.

The AAO reports an estimated 100,000 people are hurt by sports-related eye injuries, with about 13,500 of these injuries resulting in permanent vision loss. The provided infographic illustrating this is available for download and use on your social media.

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