June 2020 Social Media Toolkit

Junes tips and tricks ready to use on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 


While adults are well aware, or have the opportunity to be well aware, of their need for eyewear protection, children are less so and their parents may not necessarily be thinking about where their kids sunglasses are when they cannot locate their own. Take the opportunity on your Instagram to highlight cute kids and your optical offerings of sunglasses.
For download here are a mix of approaches for how to do so, from presenting facts to popular culture references. Choose which is right for you and the tone you’d like to set or try them out and see which get more engagement. In the caption, include information that your consumers should look for in their sunglasses to ensure their protection. And finally, make sure to include a call to action to visit your e-commerce site or stop in at the practice to view styles you carry.

This and more tips for June social media, including how to observe National Safety Month over on Social Media