March 2020 Social Media Toolkit

Investments in your education, via conferences, are also an investment in your patients as you learn more about patient care. Take a moment to showcase it on social media! 

Get Social On the Road

AN INVESTMENT IN YOUR EDUCATION, such as traveling to New York to attend Vision Expo East, is an investment in your patient care! As such, take a moment to showcase it on social media. Here are some options:

  • Instagram: Use stories to chronicle your day, from the cab ride over to the Javits Center, to the new frames you plan to stock.
  • Facebook: Shoot a quick video from the exhibit hall floor. Explain what the event is, how you plan to utilize your time there and why you’re doing it. (Hint: Tie it back to the patient!)
  • Twitter: Find the event hashtag, such as #VEE, and interact with it throughout your time.
More ideas for you to use on your social media channels in March here