Florida Room Chat with Dr. April Jasper

About Video 4:

Q: What specific marketing ideas do you have that we can work on for the rest of the year?

The answers:

  1. Begin right now by staying in touch with your patients. Hopefully, you have already emailed them offering to deliver contacts and glasses to their homes for free.
  2. I would work today on creating a post and email letting your patients know you would really appreciate some positive feedback online. Ask them to post a good review for you on their favorite page and then do the same for them. Take this time to build your reputation.
  3. Work on the inside of your office. Clean it up and freshen it up. Paint and cleaning supplies for floors and walls are easily available, and just think how much fun it will be for patients to come back to a beautiful cleaned-up facility! You can even keep them apprised of your progress, so they are excited to come back and see it.
  4. I like an idea our FOA president gave us; and that was to call each patient just to check in on them and see if they need anything. You may not be able to call everyone. However, try to at least call those who have been there for you and your business through thick and thin.

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