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OCT Webinar Series

Optos presents an educational webinar series dedicated to helping you excel at OCT imaging.

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This course is an introduction to OCT technology and its applications in optometry care.

This case-based course will emphasize diseases commonly seen in optometric practices such as diabetic eye disease and AMD.

This webinar will help doctors determine if a combination system with OCT and UWF imaging is right for their practice.


Michael Sinai, PhD

Michael Sinai is an experienced researcher and expert in ophthalmic diagnostics and OCT. He earned a Ph.D. in Vision Science from the University of Louisville in Kentucky. Since completing his studies, Dr. Sinai has worked for several leading ophthalmic technology companies. He began his career at Laser Diagnostic Technologies and launched the GDx VCC device. When the company was sold he went to Heidelberg Engineering, GmbH where he helped develop the HRT III. As Senior Director of Clinical Affairs for OptoVue Inc, he helped develop and launch both the iVue and the RTVue OCT - the first commercially available Spectral Domain OCT in the US. After this success, he served as Senior Manager of New Technology Planning for Topcon Medical Systems, Inc where he helped develop and launch the Maestro OCT and the DRI Triton OCT - the first commercially available retinal swept source OCT. In 2016 he was recruited by Optos, Inc. a Nikon company where, as Vice President of Clinical Development, he helped develop and launch the Monaco and Silverstone platforms - the world’s first UWF fundus imaging devices with integrated OCT. Dr Sinai has authored more than 15 peer reviewed articles in journals including Nature and IOVS, has written several chapters in OCT texts, and has helped shape the clinical utility of OCT for the Ophthalmic and Optometric markets.

Will To, OD

Dr. Will To is a Doctor of Optometry with multiple years of healthcare experience in providing care and educating patients, with an emphasis on pediatrics and ocular surface disease. In his practice in San Mateo, CA, he believes in the design-based patient experience, emphasizing the team-driven approach through interprofessional care.Outside of the exam room, Will collaborates with optometric leaders and organizations to motivate others and create opportunities for those around him. He focuses heavily on a people-centric approach that revolves around empathy and emotional intelligence, inspiring people to reach their greatest potential.Will is currently the President-elect in the Santa Clara County Optometric Society and serves in several California Optometric Association committees. He is the Chief Marketing Officer of the Young ODs of America, an organization that focuses on professional development and building relationships for young ODs across the nation, and the Founder and Host of TheTravelingOD Media Productions. Will was recently awarded the Top 50 Most Influential Healthcare Professionals in 2019.